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Collect. Catalog. Conserve.

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Is your collection growing? 

Is your art in good condition? 

Are files of your artwork comprehensive?

Have you thought about the future of your collection?

Let me provide peace of mind knowing that your collection is properly cared for, organized, documented, and understood.


Collection Management

Is your collection disorganized?

Offering solutions to collectors, estates and businesses on how to preserve collections of all types and sizes.


  • Catalog & photograph artwork

  • Create inventory database & generate reports

  • Link existing client records & personal stories

  • Assess condition & advise on preserving artwork

  • Facilitate appraisals & make referrals for disposition


I bring complete discretion, exceptional service, sound advice, and a valuable product.


Are any artworks in disrepair?

Offering conservation treatment of fine decorative and historic art objects made of wood, stone, plaster, ceramic, glass, and metal with emphasis on painted, gilded, and lacquered surfaces.

  • Examination

  • Formulation & implementation of treatments

  • Written & photographic documentation


Work is executed in compliance with the American Institute for Conservation Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.

“Patty West has been the first person I call when I need a fine art piece restored. Her work is of superb quality and she is a delight to deal with.”  Selene Davis

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