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Protect your investment

Connect stories to your art

Plan for the future


No time to take an inventory? Too many details?

  1. Let me catalogue and photograph your collection and create a fully integrated database using collections management software. Now you can reclaim order.

  2. I will generate customized reports so you can analyze and share your collection by artist, type, value, or location. The database can link existing files of: provenance, purchase information, appraisals, conservation records, personal stories, and notes for dissemination. Don’t let the stories be lost.

  3. I offer advice on general care including: safe handling, cleaning, display, storage, and shipping. This way, the artwork retains value and you can keep doing what you love to do…collect!

  4. I facilitate appraisals and make referrals for disposition bringing simplicity to informed decision-making.

Confidentiality and attention to detail are the hallmarks of my business. 

Collections Management


When disaster strikes…or an object has suffered from time & neglect…

​Let me dispel the mystery.  Here are the exact steps involved in the “conservation treatment of an object”:

1. Examination: observe, identify materials, assess condition

2. Treatment Proposal: note condition and list recommended treatment

3. Estimate: provide quote of time and cost involved

4. Treatment: stabilize surface & structure, clean, reintegrate losses

5. Treatment Report: document process with written & photographic records

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